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What you don't know about giving birth could hurt you (literally!)

How to Give Birth with (Practically) 
Learn One of THE MOST EFFECTIVE Techniques to Reduce Pain During Labor!

Thursday, October 8th

@9:30 PM Eastern
@7:30 PM Mountain
@6:30 PM Pacific

In this class you will learn THREE BIG SECRETS about birth:
Secret #1: 
How to vanquish the pain of contractions so that you will be welcoming them rather than dreading them

The truth is, YOU NEED THOSE CONTRACTIONS, but when they bring unbearable pain along with them, it's not exactly exciting to feel another one coming on. We will teach you how to minimize that pain so that you won't have to dread every single contraction.
Secret #2: 
The TRUTH about your body’s natural pain-relievers and why narcotics are NOT the only way to relieve pain during birth

Most people these days believe that getting an epidural is the only way to effectively relieve pain during birth. They are wrong. Plain and simple. 

Join us for the class and we'll tell you WHY! 
Secret #3: 
How to avoid things that most people think are necessary to do during labor, that actually INCREASE the pain of giving birth (and aren’t, in fact, necessary)

When it comes to preparing for birth, education is key. The more you know, the better decisions you'll be able to make and the better outcomes you'll have. The thing is, you don't know what you don't know, and if you go with what most people do, then you'll probably have the same results most people get: a painful birth. 
Take Advantage Of This Temporary 
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In time to prepare for your upcoming birth!

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